Simple rules to enter the contest THE TIKEE I

1.1 Create an account with us. On the top right corner there is a little head, click there to create an account. On a mobile Phone, look on the top left for the three lines of the menu, and see in the bottom left of the menu for the little head to LOG IN

1.2 As we develop our site, we will have an UPLOAD page, and a way for you to upload a picture or video. For now the only way to send your picture or video is by TEXT MESSAGE. or WHATSAPP.

1.3 Send a Text message or whatsapp to: Victor M. Barba (951) 200-1979 and include your Picture or Video in the message. He will upload your entry into the website.

1.4 That's it!

1.5 APRIL 2023 - We'll be receiving pictures and videos (no more than 15 seconds), during the month entire month of April....

1.6 MAY 2023 - During the month of May People, including you, will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite Picture or Video (Only Qualifying Judges can vote)

1.7 JUNE 2023 - In June we will announce the winners and will have the award ceremony to give the TIKEE to the winners.

1.8 Make sure you read the entire RULES FOR THE CONTEST HERE.

Participate and win!