Galan Family

This check really helped my family. I'm so glad I told one of my co-workers to put panels in his house. I help him to save money, and California Families gave me this check! Thanks California Families.

Cano Family

Is a good feeling to help my friends save money, and not only my friends but also I helped my brother. Now we can have a better world for our kids. And California Families pay for my bills for one month.

Cortez Family

I told my friend about this program and she got the solar panels. She is saving money and helping the planet, and I got a check for more than $800.00 dollars. Now my husband is telling everyone he knows about this program. Is real and it is true. Now I got to pay some of my bills thanks to California Families.

Puerta Family

I got a check from California Families, that helps me pay for my bills. I am so happy, now that I don't work, this money helps me a lot!.

Gonzalez Family

It's a pleasure working with California Families, I've gotten a lot of money from them, and just for helping some of my friends to go solar. It's a great program.

Espinoza Family

Thanks to California Families, I got a check to pay for my bills. And the money we receive for the Federal Credit, from the government, help us to pay less. Is the best thing I have ever done.

Flores Family

I was so glad to get this money, it really helped me, and my family. We are very glad we believe in this program, and now I will tell everyone about it. Having solar panels on my house is the best decision I've done in a long time.

Flores Family

Finally I can have my Solar Panels. I am so happy about this. And I got a check for $747.00. It was great working with the company

Espinoza Family

Just told my neighbor about this program, and they decided to put solar panels in their house. Now they are paying less in electricity and California Families gave me $1,075.00 to pay for my bills. It's a great program and is helping a lot of families.

Galan Family

I didn't believe it first, but now that I have the check in my hands I know it is true. Thanks to California Families for all of this.

Total Money Given Away So Far

You can see in the table down here, how much money California Families has given away to help some families in California. You can also receive a check like these, just contact us to find out more. Let's work together to save the planet.

Flores Family $1,085.00
Cano Family $1,230.00
Espinoza Family $1,671.00
Puerta Family $1,373.00
Galan Family $2,124.00
Gonzalez Family $1,252.00
Espinoza Family $1,075.00
Flores Family $747.00
Cortez Family $865.00
Galan Family $1,027.00