1.1 Only valid members can receive benefits from THE TIKEE.
1.2 A valid member is anyone, who create an account in
1.3 And participate in at least one ( 1 ) of our activities once.
1.4 Must have a valid email account.
1.5 And must be a real person.
1.7 One person = one account.
1.8 Must be at least tirthteen (13) years old, with parent's permission.
1.9 and accept all our terms and conditions.


2.1 Each valid members will receive "the amount" for opening an account.
2.2 Each member will receive "a short amount " each month, if they participate in our activities.
2.3 Members who don't participate will receive "little" cents each month
2.4 so, even if you do nothing, you still get money from THE TIKEE.
2.5 Just for being a member, you get money.
2.6 All the money will be shown as credit in your TIKEE ACCOUNT.
2.7 The total amount of money, may change, depending on the members we have.
2.8 may be more, or may be less.
2.9 as of today "this date" this is the real amount.
2.10 Once the money is credited in the members account. Is consider real money.
2.11 and each member will be able to collect their money.
2.12 during the "time to collect" or after, and
2.13 if they meet the requirements to collect the money.
2.14 If the member doesn't collect the money, the account will reset to $0.00


3.1 Each valid member, must have a TIKEE ACCOUNT.
3.2 In the TIKEE ACCOUNT, each member can see his/her balance.
3.3 Every activity they have, will show in there.
3.4 To collect their money, they must have at least $40.00 in their TIKEE ACCOUNT.
3.5 Then the member can request to receive their money.
3.6 They must send an email telling THE TIKEE, how they want to receive their money.
3.7 In case a member has a total balance of the "minimum to collect"
3.8 and does not collect their money for more than the "time to collect".
3.9 then THE TIKEE, will send a one time notice through an email, to advise the member.
3.10 if after the notice, the member does not collect his/her money.
3.11 The member will loose the privilege to collect the money,
3.12 and the account will reset to $0.00


4.1 By Zelle: The member must send us their phone number, and have a Zelle account.
4.2 By Venmo: The member must send us their phone number, and have a Venmo app.
4.3 By PayPal: Members must send us their PayPal Account.
4.4 By mail cash: The member must send us their physical address.
4.5 By Visa Card: The member must send us their physical address and will receive a Visa Card with the money.
4.6 The cost of the Visa Card will be deducted from their balance.
4.7 The cost of postage, will be deducted from their balance.
4.8 Zelle, Venmo, have no cost.


5.1 THE TIKEE, reserves the right, to change, modify, edit, alter, delete, add, or in any form,
5.2 amend these benefits, without previous notice.
5.3 THE TIKEE, is a website, dedicated to help people.
5.4 THE TIKEE must have people, to exist. A lot of people.
5.5 THE TIKEE reserves the right to stop giving money, at any point in time.
5.6 The "minimum to collect" is $40.00
5.7 The "time to collect" is thre ( 3 ) months.
5.8 "the amount" is $5.00
5.9 "a short amount " is $3.00
5.10 "little" little is $0.25 cents
5.11 "this date" is the current update time: 5/09/23
5.12 All the codes that members submit,
5.13 Will go to a verification process, for quality service.